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Is Snoring Keeping You Awake Nights?

snoring help is hereSnoring affects nearly 90 million Americans, and can be more than just an annoying habit. An estimated 160 million people are affected by snoring, when you consider the spouses and children of the snorer.
Habitual snoring disrupts healthy sleep patterns, which can contribute to a number of problems. There are many over the counter products available to help prevent snoring. Treatment options range from special pillows to nose strips, even surgery. Finding the option that works best for you can be as easy as seeing your dentist.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring is caused by the passage of air through a relaxed airway. During sleep, the muscles in the airway relax and narrow the airway, increasing the force of air as it is exchanged. As the force of air increases, the soft tissues such as the soft palate and uvula vibrate, creating the loud snoring sound that keeps you awake at night.

What Is Silent Nite?

One treatment option that is having a huge positive impact on snoring patients is the Silent Nite® oral appliance, available through your dentist The Silent Nite appliance is a custom fitted dental appliance designed to help prevent snoring. It’s streamlined and flexible design make it a comfortable fit, so it is easy to wear while you sleep. Silent Nite fits comfortably over your teeth, repositioning your lower jaw slightly forward, supporting the soft tissues in the airway. This extra support prevents narrowing of the airway and vibration of the soft tissues, effectively reducing or eliminating snoring.

Is a Dental Snoring Device Right for Me?

The Silent Nite snoring prevention device can be prescribed by your dentist. Imagine giving yourself (and your spouse) the gift of a quiet and restful sleep every night. Schedule a consultation to discuss your symptoms and explore whether a snoring device is the best option for you.